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Tech Debt? What Tech Debt?...Exactly.

In our latest tech-focused article, Funding Options’ Front End Tech Lead Tom Parsons kills Tech Debt. Yes, you heard us correctly! Read on to find out how Tech Debt’s demise has helped Tom and his team drive greater efficiency within our organisation.

21 Jul 2021

Fundings Options and Love Energy Savings partner to help SMEs get best offers in utilities

Collaboration will mean SMEs can secure finance and energy products at competitive rates from multiple providers via a single marketplace.

19 Jul 2021

What does the mass exodus from London mean for businesses?

Some headlines would have you believe that people are leaving London in their droves, leading to a redistribution of businesses across the UK. But is this really the case? We take a closer look at the facts to determine how this shift could impact businesses.

18 Jul 2021

How will the lifting of restrictions impact businesses?

Following a challenging year of unpredictable change, England’s business community is looking to 19 July with a sense of optimism - and slight apprehension. Let’s take a look at what we can expect following the lifting of all lockdown restrictions and how certain sectors reacted to Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday.

12 Jul 2021

What is Green Finance and what does it mean for SME lending?

Green finance is a type of finance that’s been developed to support environmentally friendly businesses or business activities. This relatively new form of business finance has seen significant growth in recent times due to the commitments that governments, businesses and society has made to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 (underpinned by the Paris Agreement).

11 Jul 2021

Great British Entrepreneur Awards – why we’re taking part

Funding Options is excited to be sponsoring the Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year category at this year’s Great British Entrepreneur Awards (GBEA). Our CEO, Simon Cureton, is on the judging panel, and the finalists have just been announced!

7 Jul 2021

Funding Options launches first Green Finance Marketplace for SMEs

UK SMEs are responsible for approximately 25 percent of the UK’s CO2 emissions. If SMEs do not reduce these emissions, the UK will be unable to meet its climate goals. ESG risk directly impacts on a borrower's ability to repay debt, impacting credit risk The SME lending market has a pivotal role in enabling SMEs to become carbon neutral as part of the UK Government’s Together for our Planet campaign

5 Jul 2021

Trade Finance: Supporting Businesses Through Brexit, Covid-19 & Beyond

Sanjay Vallabh is a Trade Finance Advisory Consultant and founder of Vallabh Associates Ltd. In this article, together with Funding Options’ Head of Advisory Thomas Boyd, he aims to demystify the dark art of trade finance for SMEs, mid-corporates, manufacturers, importers, exporters and advisors.

4 Jul 2021

3 common myths about Open Accounting

Open Accounting enables lenders to leverage up-to-date information in order to provide businesses with the funding their business needs. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of Open Accounting and separate the truth from the fiction.

1 Jul 2021

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